Commercial Demolition

Need demolition work for commercial purposes?

The team at Royal Group NSW have combined expertise in commercial demolition no matter how big or small the job is. We work with large construction companies delivering internal demolitions! If you are a Sydney Construction company or a General Contractor: We can help your company to demolish large buildings, schools, hospitals, metallic structures, or commercial or industrial infrastructures across New South Wales.

What we offer

• Refurbishment Demolition
• Controlled Demolitions
• Concrete Breaking & Demolition Projects
• Internal & Interior Demolition
• Selective Demolition Services
• Demolishing of Mobile Structures

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Why Royal Group NSW?

At Royal Group NSW, we pride ourselves in the values we uphold. Our top 3 values are:




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Royal Group NSW provides a complete complementary list of services such as commercial, residential demolition and civil work across greater Sydney & NSW.

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