Building Demolition Plans

Before beginning any demolition project it pays to have a plan in place. Whether your demolition is of a large building or a smaller structure, safety demands that you have a comprehensive demolition plan to follow. Local government bodies demand that you have lodged an official development application for the demolition of buildings and other structures. This application must be approved before any actual work takes place on the site. A waste management plan (WMP) for the demolition is required in most instances. This WMP must address what type of waste and volume is generated, how the waste will be stored and treated onsite, what about residual waste and how will that be disposed of, and an ongoing WMP for the future of the site.

Hazardous Waste & Safe Work Australia

Any asbestos or other hazardous waste must be declared and the NSW government has guidance in place for dealing with these dangerous materials on demolition sites. A HAZMAT survey must be undertaken prior to any work being instigated. Contaminated sites must be remediated prior to demolition and an environmental assessment and human health risk assessment in place. Safe Work Australia has a code of practice in place for all demolition work carried out nationally. This code of regulations should be read and understood by all parties involved in the demolition of the building.

We Can Assist Clients with Their Demolition Plans

The Royal Group NSW has extensive experience in demolition and strip outs throughout Sydney. We have been successfully deconstructing and demolishing buildings, structures, and sites for our clients over many years. Whether your project is large or small, we have the skills, equipment, and certifications to ensure that your demolition is completed safely and cost-effectively. We can assist clients with their demolition plans to ensure that they meet every necessary requirement for a safe and responsible demolition and site clearance.

Talk to One of Our Experts

Talk to one of our expert consultants about your forthcoming project and receive a free onsite quote. Whether you are renovating a home, office, warehouse, retail space or something else, we can advise and recommend the safest and best way to go about it. We invite you to pick our brains and benefit from our many years of experience in demolition work, excavation, strip outs and site clearance. Our comprehensive service is cost effective and caters for all kinds of projects and budgets.